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A Global, Digital Community of Black and Brown Women striving for Equity and Representation in Gaming and Tech!


Brown Girl Gamer Code was created to be a digital safe space for Black Women and Women of Color to share their love and passion for gaming! One of our goals is to broaden the scope of representation and destroy the toxic culture in the video game world!

Community Values

Our values guide us in all aspects of the work that we do! This is what our community believes and takes pride in! We are setting the standard for the future of what the gaming industry should be!

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The BGGC Community is open to Black Women and Women of Color. To join, please complete the application linked below!

Recent Code Chat

Live Interview with Best Selling Author, Brittney Morris!

As one of our values is Representation, we understand how important it is to learn about Black women and Women of Color in the gaming and tech industries. One way for us to live up to this value is through our Code Chats, which are live interviews featuring Black and Brown women in the industry! Check out our recent interview with Best Selling Author, Brittney Morris who wrote the book "Slay," a story that follows the journey of a Black girl teen Game Developer navigating microaggressions, maintaining her identity, and her Black Panther inspired game!

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